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I wish to tell you about the importance of understanding the information about nail fungus. I'm not a professional writer so there may be grammar mistakes. However the information I am going to give you I learned hard way. I wish to provide you with info on the signs and symptoms of toenail fungus. We will then discuss the mental and physical damage toenail fungus may cause. Then I want to reveal to you the tips for curing it forever. After all results that you'll see in weeks not months.

The signs and symptoms of nail fungus or can begin as white spotty marks or Powdery white discoloration. Nail fungus infection will then start to turn dark spot close to the base of the nail. The dark spot will increase your nail could get thicker yellowish brown. You can lose your nail with no treatment. Nail fungus infection is a infection that should be treated when symptoms have emerged. Do not paint the toenail or nails this will secure the moisture and accelerate the process.

white nail fungus

The first symptoms I noticed was the white spotty marks. Used to do nothing for a few months. The spots were getting bigger and darker. I went to my loved ones doctor. He proscribed medication that I put on my nails for weeks. The nails was getting worse. I returned towards the doctor and he gave me a pill to consider following the first day I started to fill nauseous and tired. I called my doctor he said it was common side effects for this medication.

I began to look on the web for just about any information I possibly could find on toenail fungus. After many days of sifting through information I found the name Karen Bowman after reading her story and the problems she confronted with nail fungus infection. I saw a pattern she'd the same problems I'd had together with her doctor. Her symptoms were the same. Then as I read more I was thrilled to learn from the success she'd treating her nail fungus infection.

I began rigtht after her recommendation of treatment. I am pleased to say 7 months later my toe nails look normal. I am able to wear open toe shoes.