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As you search on the internet, you probably observe that some websites just aren't attractive. While quality website design isn't difficult, many site owners fail to achieve it. It's important to create a website that's easy to use. After all, you want to keep visitors coming back. A poorly designed site will begin to drive visitors away. To ensure you create your website the right way, here is a look at some of the top website design mistakes you need to avoid.

Mistake #1 - Providing Poor Navigation

One of the greatest mistakes to prevent when making your website is providing poor navigation. If visitors are unable to circumvent your website easily, they will probably simply leave and discover another website. Good navigation can in fact keep visitors on your website longer. While you wish to keep navigation simple, it needs to be extremely effective too. Opt for navigation that's user friendly, because it can in fact make or break your website.

Mistake #2 - Making Visitors Wonder Where They've Landed

Don't make visitors wonder where they've landed. Each page on your site should clearly show visitors that they are in your website. This is particularly important when visitors land on pages without first coming to your house page. Make certain every page links back to your house pages as well.

Mistake #3 - Very Long Pages

Lengthy scrolling pages are another big mistake to prevent when focusing on web design. Most users aren't likely to want to keep scrolling unless they really think there is something good below. It's wise to part ways pages if you can. If splitting the page will not work, be sure you have navigation and content options at the top of the page to make it easy to navigate through the long page.

Mistake #4 - Slow Download Times

Consumers don't have a lot of patience. They want to obtain the information needed quickly. This means that slow download times are going to be costly. If your website requires a long time to load, most visitors only will leave and find another website that fits their demands. Which means that you need to concentrate on fast download instances when working on your site's web site design. You can do this by reduction of image file sizes and by limiting the amount of images utilized on each page of your site.

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Mistake #5 - Including A lot of Ads

Visitors don't come to your website to determine the ads. While ads provide you with a great way to make money, they may be distracting to visitors. Using ads is okay, but be sure you concentrate your designing efforts on the content from the site, this is not on the ads. Make sure you have a good balance between your content and also the ads you include on your pages.

Mistake #6 - Failing to Update Information

Last, neglecting to update details are another big website design mistake you have to avoid. Visitors can't stand seeing information that is already outdated on your website. This means you have to review and modify your site regularly to prevent providing people with information that is outdated.

Creating an appealing website is essential. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can make sure you create an excellent website that's easy for visitors to use and enjoy.